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Last week I requested a free student license for Flex Builder 3 from Adobe, and this week I found it in my mailbox. After downloading the Flex Builder 3 trail version from the Adobe website and applying my license key to it, it said I now have the Education version. But the strange thing is that when I open the ‘About Adobe Flex Builder 3…’ window, it tells me I have Flex Builder 2 and then freezes the entire application (see screen shot below)! All of the menu buttons in the top bar are gone and the application stops responding to anything. I had to restart Flex Builder in order to continue my work.

After installing the trail version of Flex Builder 3 on my Windows XP machine this afternoon I checked the same window. At first I didn’t apply my license key to it so it was still in trail mode. No strange things, just the normal black ‘About Adobe Flex Builder 3’ window. But after applying the student license key the window was corrupted again! The only difference between the Windows and OS-X version was that on the Windows machine it didn’t completely crash my Flex Builder, and I was able to return to the development screen by clicking the corrupted window.

Apparently there is a little bug in the educational license system in Flex Builder 3.

Click screen shot for a larger version…