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I noticed a very interesting tutorial video (embedded below) last week from Seth Sandler on how to create your own low cost multitouch device. I followed along with the tutorial and had my own device working within a few minutes.

The only things you need are a cardboard box, a web cam (I use a Sweex WC050, 1.3 mega pixels), a piece of glass or plexiglas (I bought a photo frame for about 6 euros, size: A4), a piece of A4 white printing paper and a pc with preferably a dual core processor (but my single core computer does the trick quite good too). Once you get your device up and running, the only thing you have to do is download the MTmini software package and you’ve got yourself some serious multitouch coolness at home!

I’m eager to start experimenting with some multitouch work in Flex and will write a follow up on this when I have something worth showing. Thanks Seth, for sharing this great tutorial! Multitouch just got way more accessible!

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B.T.W. Seth also has a great PDF document on how to get started on his blog!