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Flex book component (alpha)

June 7th, 2007  |  9 Comments

Sitting first row (next to Ruben), I have watched my fellow trainee Ruben Swieringa working on his pageflip book in Flex for the last few months now. And I must say that it’s already the best pageflip book out there, as far as I know. It includes features as pageflipping, hardback option for every page, […]

Reflection Manager 1.0

May 29th, 2007  |  31 Comments

I have updated my Reflection Manager to version 1.0. I have implemented a blurring option like suggested in the comments on my previously posted version (0.9). I have also built in the functionality to update the reflection when its target component is dragged or resized. Furthermore I made some minor updates to improve the performance […]

ReflectionManager v0.9

April 26th, 2007  |  9 Comments

<– I have updated the Reflection Manager. The new version can be found overhere –> Last week I needed a reflection at the bottom of the application I was working on. After searching the internet for a while I found some reflection classes on my favorite Flex resource, Flexbox. But after testing 2 of these […]

<– they have stopped this service for the time being because of the overwhelming number of orders. Let’s hope that production will resume soon! –> Maybe you have seen the gigantic API posters Adobe created for Flex and ActionScript 3.0. Well you can order them for free now! The only catch there is: you either […]

Flex SuperPanel v1.5

April 4th, 2007  |  109 Comments

I updated my SuperPanel extension to version 1.5. It now includes focusing of panels, the focused panel has a different color, double clicking on the header to collapse/open the panel, and maximizing the panel to the full screen size. If a panel is being dragged it is 50% transparent now for better visibility. There’s also […]

Flex SuperPanel

March 22nd, 2007  |  21 Comments

<– there is an update of the SuperPanel which can be found overhere –> I really like to work with the Panel component in my Flex projects, but it lacks some functionality I use quite often so I extended it which resulted in the SuperPanel component. The SuperPanel can be dragged around on the stage, […]