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Adobe just released the newest beta versions of Flex 3 and AIR. These new releases are nearly feature complete. Matt Chotin wrote a nice article about the new features in this new release, but you can also find a full list of features on the FlexWiki of Adobe. Some of the newest features were already […]

Finally! After a great week of feature lists (by Ted Patrick) and quite some speculations on when the beta of Flex 3 would see its first daylight, here it is! It just got released together with the beta of Adobe AIR, which is the new name for Apollo and a new update for Flash Player […]

Adobe Flex 3 sneak preview

May 30th, 2007  |  10 Comments

Today we got to see one of the first sneak previews of Flex 3 by Waldo Smeets and I must say that there are some very nice features and improvements coming up in this new release. All of the new features which were shown us today are still in the ‘thinking’ process so they might […]

Adobe Live 2007, here I come!

May 29th, 2007  |  1 Comment

Tomorrow, I’m going to Adobe Live 2007, the Dutch edition. It’s held in the RAI in Amsterdam and I’m looking forward to going, together with my fellow trainees from <theFactor.e>, Ruben Swieringa and Niels Bruin. Some interesting things to see I think. Especially the Flex 3 sneak preview by Waldo Smeets. But also ActionScript 3.0 […]

Today, in an official press-release, Adobe announced strategic plans to make Flex open source under the Mozilla Public License (MPL). Check out the official press release and the info on Adobe Labs. David Wadhwani and Ely Greenfield explain Adobe’s decision a little more in this video. Great news!

<– they have stopped this service for the time being because of the overwhelming number of orders. Let’s hope that production will resume soon! –> Maybe you have seen the gigantic API posters Adobe created for Flex and ActionScript 3.0. Well you can order them for free now! The only catch there is: you either […]