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Finally! After a great week of feature lists (by Ted Patrick) and quite some speculations on when the beta of Flex 3 would see its first daylight, here it is! It just got released together with the beta of Adobe AIR, which is the new name for Apollo and a new update for Flash Player […]

A few days ago, Adobe released the BETA version of the Flex Cookbook. I was trying to get to it but my browser only showed the titlebar and didn’t load any content. This seems to be an Opera-only problem because in Firefox and IE it works fine. At the Flex cookbook you can share Flex […]

Last week, Photoshopuser.com posted a review of the new Photoshop CS3 which is now available for download from the Adobe Labs website.As with every new release, this one comes with a lot of cool new features. One of the major differences seems to be the user interface. This new version is probably the most customizable […]