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Flex Videodisplay full-screen

January 11th, 2007  |  3 Comments

Yesterday I was working on my flex videoplayer again and I explored the brandnew full-screen support of the latest Flash Player (version together with Remon Strampel. We discovered an ActionScript class written by Manish Jethani which extends the mx:videoDisplay component in Flex and adds full-screen support to it. To use this ActionScript class, place […]

A busy week

September 24th, 2006  |  Comments Off on A busy week

Last week was quite hectic. We started by finishing the analyzing fase. All the information we need for this fase is now in, except for some things my groupmembers will get with some research. I volunteered to be the document manager during this project, so I’ll be taking care of collecting all important documents and […]