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Today we go back to the year 1997. I bring you the ‘Practical Guide to Writing Clients and Servers’. In this guide HTML 1.0 and the advanced new HTML 1.1 will be made really easy. ‘Like many protocols, HTTP is constantly evolving. HTTP 1.1 has recently been defined, to address new needs and overcome shortcomings […]

From now on I will try to post a little history every friday. Today i’ll send you to March the 3th of 1998. On this day, Stephen Straub, a member of the HTML writers guild placed a document called ‘Designing Web Sites for Multiple Browsers Without Being Bland” online. In it he describes Java and […]

When kids and keyboards meet…

October 25th, 2006  |  1 Comment

I wouldn’t keep this hilarious movie from you. It’s a German kid trying to play his game, but it just won’t cooperate…;) Link to the movie