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Last week, Photoshopuser.com posted a review of the new Photoshop CS3 which is now available for download from the Adobe Labs website.As with every new release, this one comes with a lot of cool new features. One of the major differences seems to be the user interface. This new version is probably the most customizable […]

We are already working on the functional design for 2 weeks now. I’m really bored with making sketches in Photoshop and describing them in Word. For the CMS, this will result in a document of about 80 pages. In my opinion this is dull, totally not functional (who will read the functional design during the […]

Today I started with some hard work (yeah I was sweating!) in the garden. It needed to be done after some time of neglect. After that I started working on the graphical mock-up of the CMS we have to build for Mjuks. It’s becoming really nice I think. Happy so far. Last Friday my laptop […]

Graphical design

October 5th, 2006  |  1 Comment

It’s been a while but it’s also been a busy week. We finished our work on the graphical design. After we created a sketch for the new Mjuks website we all made a graphical sketch in Photoshop. Mine appeared to be best so we discussed it and agreed on some little things that had to […]