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Last night I finished the updating and translation of my installation guide for Apache, MySQL, PHP and Ruby On Rails. There were some slight errors in the previous version which have now been corrected (thnx for the comments). And it’s available in English now. The Dutch version: read/download here The English version: read/download here Please […]

This morning I finished the new and improved version of my installation guide for Apache, MySQL, PHP, PHPMyAdmin and Ruby On Rails. I’ve put it online here (PDF). I hope it will be of some help to you. It’s based on a Windows environment and for now it’s available in Dutch. I will try to […]

With a little help of Simon Paul from my class I got Ruby On Rails working as a module within my Apache setup. Finally RoR starts automatically and I’m no longer having to fight with the WEBrick server. With 2 little files, a Microsoft C++ installer and 1 line of code in the httpd.conf file, […]

RoR vs. Java!?

November 13th, 2006  |  Comments Off on RoR vs. Java!?

I found an interesting article on Tweakers.net about RoR threatening Java. During the Ruby on Rails Camp, visitors all agreed about the fact that Java has got a serious challenger in RoR. RoR shows a lot of advantages when it comes to the development of Web-applications, but also has some disadvantages. Read the entire article […]

I found an interesting article on the Adobe.com website about integration of Ruby On Rails and Flex 2.0. The article can be found here: Integrating Flex 2 and Ruby On Rails

Yesterday I installed Ruby On Rails (ROR). On our CMDwiki someone said we should install InstantRails, which has an Apache Webserver and MySQL DB support embedded. But as I already have Apache, MySQL and PHP running on my pc and laptop, I decided to install it according to the tutorial video’s about ROR I downloaded. […]