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I noticed a very interesting tutorial video (embedded below) last week from Seth Sandler on how to create your own low cost multitouch device. I followed along with the tutorial and had my own device working within a few minutes. The only things you need are a cardboard box, a web cam (I use a […]

In this video Mike Chambers interviews Christian Cantrell as he shows some apps in Apollo. Adobe Apollo will be the bridge between the internet and your desktop, it allows you to run native Flash and HTML on your desktop, interactive with all native components. It will be available for MAC as well as for PC.

Hello me ol’ chums. I just woke up, had a quick shower and now I’m devouring my breakfast and typing here. 2 Days ago (Wednesday) we were working @ the Mjuks HQ. We decided to skip the class that was planned for the afternoon because we had a load of things to do. After last […]

Yesterday I installed Ruby On Rails (ROR). On our CMDwiki someone said we should install InstantRails, which has an Apache Webserver and MySQL DB support embedded. But as I already have Apache, MySQL and PHP running on my pc and laptop, I decided to install it according to the tutorial video’s about ROR I downloaded. […]